BruteForcer – Simple Yet Powerful Brute Force Password Cracker

I’m very forgetful these days. Even though I could not remember what I ate yesterday or what I wore, I have password protected everything. As a result, most of the times I have ended up with a locked zip, tar.gz or other file. Yesterday I had same experience and I decided to write a brute force python application to crack my password protected file.

Unfortunately I knew that it would take time for the app to crack with brute force technique, but I could use some tricks to improve performance. For instance I can limit the alphabet to attack (most of you use same pattern, special characters, password scheme for encryption) which would save time significantly.

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Physical Host Metrics in Ceilometer – An Openstack Liberty Tale

This post is about the errors while getting physical machine metrics with ceilometer specifically  Openstack Liberty. Simply errors can be:

– No metrics shown in:

ceilometer meter-list

specifically metrics listed below:

  • compute.node.cpu.frequency
  • compute.node.cpu.idle.percent
  • compute.node.cpu.idle.time
  • compute.node.cpu.iowait.percent
  • compute.node.cpu.iowait.time

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