Find debian (deb) or RPM package that provides (contains) specific executable or file

You know how to install deb packages with apt-get cmd. But sometimes you need to find the package provides a specific file or executable.

RedHat or CentOS users have this command by default via yum cmd.

yum whatprovides updatedb

This command outputs all packages provide updatedb file (in that case it is an executable). Continue reading

Search packages in debian based distros

You are probably familiar with:

apt-get install <package-name>

command to install new packages to your debian based distro.

You can easily search for a package from command line with the following command:

apt-cache search <package-name>

if you are not completely know package name get little help from grep and pipe (|) combinations. For example if you want to install setup-tools package for python then search can be:

apt-cache search python | grep setup

Then you can install the package.