Create (Prepare) Bootable USBs from Ubuntu ISOs – No Additional Tool or Software Required!

You’ve downloaded Ubuntu ISO from a mirror and want to test or install it to your computer. There are many ways to do this but I’ll share my method which requires no additional tools or software in this post. Additionally you can use this method in order to create bootable USBs for other ISOs if your ISO is hybrid image. Unlike other methods my method does not require other tools or software to create that bootable USB, in fact it only uses dd command that is…

Turn Off Screen on Linux with Command Line

If you do not have screen off function keys in your keyboard then you can use following commands to turn your screen off. First you need to find out your screen identifier: $ xrandr –listmonitors Monitors: 1 0: +*LVDS1 1600/310×900/174+0+0 LVDS1 Then turn screen off with the following cmd: xrandr –output LVDS1 –off This will totally turn your screen off.

Reversing a singly linked list in a single pass

Today I’d like to give codes and solution to reverse a singly linked list in a single pass and not using superfluous storage. Off course there is a solution if you duplicate list, put all values into a vector or array, and other not efficient ways to accomplish this task. Recursive solutions could also be proposed. But iterative solution is the best way to solve this problem. Because if you use recursive method, there will be superfluous, and not necessary method calls and extra stack storage…

Word Generation from Custom Alphabet – Base 26 Operations

Recently I’ve developed a brute force password cracker tool (can be found in post BruteForcer). I think it deserves to mention some design characteristics of the application. I’ll mention Alphabet Generation in other words base 26 operations that is used and needed for many programmers. Alphabet to Generate Our generator should output strings based on the alphabet that we provide. For instance if our alphabet was: Alphabet = “ABC”

BruteForcer – Simple Yet Powerful Brute Force Password Cracker

I’m very forgetful these days. Even though I could not remember what I ate yesterday or what I wore, I have password protected everything. As a result, most of the times I have ended up with a locked zip, tar.gz or other file. Yesterday I had same experience and I decided to write a brute force python application to crack my password protected file. Unfortunately I knew that it would take time for the app to crack with brute force technique, but I could use some…