The Leader

One photo worth thousand words. We miss you the great leader, M. Kemal Ataturk.

Tutusur Dizelerim

Kınıfır Bed reng Olur

My lovely Harran

A few kilometers from the village of Altınbaşak are the archaeological remains of ancient Harran, a major commercial, cultural, and religious center first inhabited in the Early Bronze Age III (3rd millennium BCE) period. It was known as Ḫarrānu in the Assyrian period; Ḫaran (חָרָן‎) in the Hebrew Bible; Carrhae (Κάρραι in Greek) under the Roman and Byzantine empires; Hellenopolis (῾Ελληνὀπολις ‘Greek city’) in the Early Christian period; and Ḥarrān in the Islamic period. [Wikipedia]

Yes it is that much old. I’ll share its beautiful scenes.

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I wish my inner voice sounded like this!

 Voilà!, I’m ready to deploy my latest feature! vs Murphy

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